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snap-studio Crawley, West Sussex, U.K.
If you are interested in our services or have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us! Email:

Please email us your order details for an exact quote and turnaround times.

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Two ways to shoot

In our studio:
Gather together your products - make sure they're clean, undamaged, unblemished. Include your details: company / contact name, address, phone number and email. Send your products to us!
Please bear in mind that we use the same packaging to send your products back to you, so package them well. Your products should be fully insured while in transit or of sufficiently low value not to matter. Of course we'll let you know straight away if there's been any damage in transit and if we can't use your packaging for the return delivery, don't worry - we'll repackage it for you.
On location:
We do not charge travelling time nor travelling costs to or from a job in the Sussex, around the Gatwick airport, from Croydon in the north, down to Brighton in the south.
We are happy to work outside the area (for instance, locations in London, Surrey, Kent), but we reserve the right to charge travelling costs based on 40p per mile. Unless an order is for 100 items or more, in that case travelling costs are not charged as well.