Services list

  • Highest Quality Images and Cutouts
  • The Most Competitive Prices
  • Excellent Turnaround Time
  • Free Cutouts as Default
  • Free Close-Up Shots (up to 2 per Item)
  • Free CD/DVD With Your Images
  • Free Samples for Large Orders
  • Photo Retouching and Restoration
  • Image Cataloguing
  • Graphics Design and More!

You can count on us!

What services do we provide:
Our main activity is product catalogue photography and we can photograph any small objects (everyday or unusual) for you to use in the design of mail order catalogues or corporate brochures or content of e-commerce websites, such as eBay.

If products are too large, too fragile and / or heavy to be shipped, we are happy to shoot on location, as the equipment we use (Nikon digital SLR camera, genuine Nikon lenses, softboxes, studio lighting and light tents) is very portable and state of the art so it is easily set up and the work is generally carried out quite quickly.

We take several shots of the Item - different angles and/or lighting. Taking this into consideration the photo session of 50 items might take up to 3 hours. Images then will be post-processed to normalise brightness, contrast and tone levels and also smaller, eBay friendly pictures created. Finally, both high resolution originals and reduced images (usually 2-3 shots per item) will be provided to you on CD or DVD.

By default we process all the images to give it a pure white background, but other colour backgrounds (red, blue, black, etc.) and different lighting effects are available at no extra cost. Also we are happy to do close-up shots, which is especially useful with fine detail work.