About Us

We are a young and dynamic company with five years of experience in professional photography.

Our team is dedicated to provide complete and high-quality service to customers at the lowest possible cost and fastest turnaround-time.
We have a large potfolio of satisfied clients and look eagerly forward to assisting your company in realizing its full business potential.
We Promise:
 -  Cost effective and high quality services
 -  Completion of your order within time frame
 -  Best efforts whether project is large or small

Why professional photography?

Photos dramatically add to the value of any eBay listing
Because of the "virtual" nature of eBay shopping, potential buyers don't have the opportunity to look over your merchandise in person, and photos are the next best thing. How many auctions have you seen with a scruffy carpet underneath and a pair of boxers to the side of the item? Now as a buyer, upon seeing the item you will sub-consciously start making judgments. "This guys house is a mess, can the item really be in good condition?"

The fact is that photos usually make a 2X to 3X difference in bidder interest. They can up your selling price, reduce the number of times an item has to be listed making selling more efficient. So as a seller, you need to capitalize on that and start making sure that your photographs look good - buyers want to see what they're buying.

And that's why we're here - to help you to present your product in the most professional way on eBay, to obtain the best price.